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Macaron recipe: Macaron (apple pie) recipe macaron, apple pie, apple sauce, apple recipe, apple cobbler recipe apple pie recipe,apple sauce apple pie cobblers apple pie apple pie dessert recipe,dessert apple pie source BBC Sports title All your favourite food pictures in one place – the best of BBC Sport article A recipe for apple pie from the family kitchen, with a twist: this recipe uses frozen apple pie crust and the recipe is a real winner.

The apple pie itself is delicious, but the apple pie sauce and the macaron are more than enough to satisfy any dessert lover. 

The recipe is made using frozen apple crust and apple sauce.

This means the crust is in the freezer and the sauce is in an ice cream maker. 

You’ll need an ice-cream maker, a bowl of ice-cold water, a spoon and some ice cubes.

Mix everything up, and make sure the crust and sauce are frozen, otherwise you’ll have a very difficult time keeping them together.