What you need to know about chimichuri recipe and glaze recipe

A hearty recipe for chimichu, made with a blend of ingredients, is coming soon to your kitchen.

The restaurant-style churros will be available at more than 100 restaurants across the city starting Monday, but the glaze will be a bit more exclusive.

The restaurant-inspired recipe is being cooked up by chef and chef-owner of Chirp, John Sowards, and chef/owner of Soward’s House, Dave Williams, and is being rolled out by their company, Chirpy.

The Glaze has a similar flavor profile to the churro, but is made with powdered garlic, dried oregano, and salt.

Both of the flavors come together in a glaze, which includes white wine, maple syrup, and garlic powder.

The name is inspired by the chimichura, a popular churri that is often served with a green bean dip.

Chirpy is partnering with the City of Toronto to expand the availability of the glazed churrris.

In May, they opened a branch in the new BMO Centre in the former Eaton Centre.

The menu has been tweaked to include new dishes, like the chimchurri.

It’s being made with fresh, fresh ingredients, but there are a few ingredients that will be missing from the original version.

It won’t be available in the restaurant, but in the kitchen.

For now, it’s only available at the restaurants that have their own churrier, including Sowars House, Sowords House, and Williams’ House.

For more information on how to make chimichure, check out the official website.

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You can get involved by becoming a member of the city’s food and beverage community, visiting Toronto’s Food and Wine Festival and attending the city-sponsored Food & Wine Night on Friday, July 15.

It will be at the Eaton Centre, so come early and get in line.