Tuna steak makes for a healthy dinner!

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Tuna has always been a favorite food in Japanese culture, so it’s no surprise that tuna steak is an integral part of many Japanese dishes.

But according to chefs in New York City, it’s a little harder to find tuna in Japan, where there is no shortage of healthy and delicious alternatives.

Tuna steak, which can be served raw, cooked, or with fish sauce, is the most popular of the meat cuts in Japan.

“I think the popularity of tuna steak has gone up since the ’90s, but I’ve seen it go down because of the health risks,” said chef and food blogger Nao Kawasaki, who teaches cooking classes in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

While the steak is technically not a Japanese delicacy, there are several Japanese dishes that use the steak, including pork belly, tuna steak, and squid.

In Japan, tataki, a Japanese fried noodle, is also a staple.

“The Japanese people have a lot of tatakas and tatayas,” Kawasaki said.

“But there are other things that are healthier and have healthier ingredients.”

For example, tasago pork is often served in Japanese restaurants as an alternative to tataka.

And kimono and shawls are also popular.

For many people, takoyaki is a healthier alternative to shawl, which is often made with pork or beef.

But as you can see in this photo, tako steak is more of a casual option in Japan than in the United States.

In the United Kingdom, where the country has the world’s highest per capita consumption of meat, a steak is also not unheard of.

It’s called a kebab, a term that refers to a grilled meat that has been marinated and served over a hot, spicy oil.

But in Japan the steak serves as a main dish, so tako steaks are a lot more common than kebabs.

And while the meat is considered a delicacy in Japan in general, a few restaurants have started to offer them for a much lower price.

For example in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro, taro is the main dish and kebabe is served on top.

Taro is often paired with the grilled pork belly and is often sold with grilled onions, green onions, or a tomato sauce.

Tasago Pork is a common Japanese steak dish.

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