How to make a chili recipe with chiles, onions, garlic, and potatoes

A chile-laced fried rice recipe with a few vegetables.

It’s a good recipe for a rainy day or just to get the whole family together.


Preheat the oven to 200 degrees celcius 2.

Melt the butter in a small frying pan or microwave in 30 second intervals until the butter has melted and is very light brown 3.

Add the onions, the garlic, the cumin, the salt, and pepper, and fry for 5 minutes 4.

Add half the potatoes and stir to coat them thoroughly 5.

Pour the sauce over the potatoes, onions and the peppers, stir to combine, and cook for a further 3-5 minutes.

The potatoes should have been coated and the sauce should be bubbling.

Serve hot with a side of rice.

Source: The Guardian, 4th July 2018