How to cook brussel beans in a crockpot

The process is simple, but the results are incredible.

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The brussels sprouts are cooked in a slow cooker, and the recipe includes a link to make them on the side of the recipe.

We use a 4-quart crock pot, but you could use a smaller crock.

If you want to do a larger recipe, we recommend you use a bigger crock because you can add more beans.

We like to make this recipe a few nights before we have dinner because the brussells are tender, juicy and so easy to throw together.

We love the crispy bruschetta that is a little like an omelet, but without the extra crunch.

This recipe can also be made in the oven or in the crock cooker.

We like to do both because it is so easy, but we love the texture of the brussels cooked in the slow cooker.

This recipe can be made ahead and refrigerated, and is delicious reheated.