Eggs, Pecan-Roasted Ham, Roasted Garlic, and Pumpkin Pie recipe – adapted from Pecans and Pies – by Mary Lacey from How to Make Everything!


The only way to get those delicious and fresh eggs that are on the top of every pew at your next church picnic, your church’s Christmas party, your wedding reception or your wedding.

We love those little golden eggs and it’s the only way we can get them.

The Pecas and Pie’s pie is made from scratch, with just 4 ingredients, so you don’t need to worry about what to buy, when or where to buy it.

We’ve also added the optional roasted garlic and pumpkin to make this one extra special!

We have also added a hint of sweetness, thanks to our secret blend of dried cranberries and cinnamon.

If you’ve never tried making pecans before, we hope you enjoy it! 

Pecans are perfect for pies and this pie has been made using them!

The crust is soft and chewy, the filling is moist, and the eggs are a delightful creamy, rich and flavorful blend of sweet and savory.

This pie is perfect for a picnic, church picnic or even your wedding! 

This recipe is adapted from the How to make Everything!

book, which has been featured in The Sunday Times, New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Food & Wine and The Huffington Post.

You can buy the book here!